Meet and Greet at Toby's Pub


On Tuesday night, OneCity had a "Meet the Candidates" event at Toby's Pub on Commercial Drive. It was a chance for party members and supporters to hang out and get to know not just the candidates, but other supporters and OneCity organizers.

Among the many familiar faces that have been OneCity supporters over the years, there were also many new people that haven't been to a OneCity event until now.

It's always invigorating to spend time with those who share the same values and ideas on how to make the city better. It's especially energizing when you meet new people that are excited by what OneCity is doing and the prospect of having a presence on city council.

I really appreciate all the wonderful conversations I have with people where we share ideas and experiences because I always feel like I'm learning something. Whether they have a policy or campaign idea or they share a story of how they or someone they know are being affected by the housing crisis, it always adds context and substance to the necessary dialogue I want to lead at city council.

I can't help but feel validated at these events because of the quality of the people that come. It's testament to OneCity's values and goals that we attract smart, interesting, heartfelt and compassionate people that know we have the ability to make Vancouver a kinder and more just city.


RJ AquinoComment