RJ Aquino

RJ Aquino for Vancouver City Hall


It's another election year and I’m running again. OneCity members, I hope I can count on your vote at the June 16 nomination meeting to be a council candidate for OneCity.

There was so much excitement - especially in the Filipino community - when I secured a nomination in 2011 to run for city council. So many of you were energized by that election you also came out to support me in 2014 when we founded a new political movement where I represented as OneCity's lone candidate for council.

I'm proud of the work OneCity has done over the years and a lot of it started when I ran in 2014. Click here to read up on the platform I ran on. You'll then see why we put the Vancouver civic scene on notice.

Last October, we made a huge breakthrough when we elected Carrie Bercic, OneCity's first school board trustee. We're poised to make a huge impact in this fall's election as more people in the city hear about OneCity's bold ideas, especially around housing. Our message resonates with everyone who recognizes we can't continue down this current path of housing unaffordability.

I'm ready to build on our party's successes and bring our ideas and values to city hall. The buzz around town is no longer if but when OneCity will be in City Hall. I can't wait for that day.

Let's get to work.



Affordable Housing


The city's residents are ready to embrace bold measures in building more affordable housing from Boundary to Belmont. We could also do more to curb speculation and end the treatment of housing as a commodity.

A proper affordable housing program for the entire city would be a human capital investment, anti-poverty effort, community improvement  plan, and public health initiave all rolled into one.


Protecting Renters


We need to protect existing rentals and end renovictions. We need to build more affordable rental units all over the city for all household types and ensure rents are fixed at 30% of tenants' income.


Affordable Childcare


The NDP government has taken a step in the right direction in providing affordable childcare for British Columbians even though it's not the $10/day program we wished we had.

We can do more to make childcare more accessible. We need to focus on establishing childcare spaces in underserviced areas of the city instead of just focusing on areas with new developments.